So, did you win big today? We hope so! Whether you’ve had beginners luck or are a seasoned pro, the most exciting part starts now. Deciding what to spend your winnings on.

Before you dash off to Crown to double down or start shouting rounds of espresso martinis (have we caught you before that part?!), think about the rule of threes.

What’s the rule of threes?

Great question. Put simply, split your winnings three ways – some for now, some for soon and some for later. Before you start walking back to the bar, an espresso martini right now, in an hour and another hour after that is not what we mean.

When you come into a small (or large) windfall, whether it be winnings, a bonus or tax refund, it can be incredibly difficult not to go out and buy something that instant. The whole feeling of YOLO that dominates the Gen-Y psyche. But why shouldn’t you splash out a bit?

Bring in the rule of threes.

Yes you can splash out, but only up to one third of the winnings. Enjoy the moment and treat yo self. Besides, sometimes the logic of “I didn’t have this money beforehand, let’s do something fun” does need to be indulged. We’re just saying indulge with a limit.

What about the money ‘for soon’? Take the next third and put it towards a short- to medium-term goal.

This could range from boosting your holiday account, paying off a credit card, setting up an emergency account for rainy days. Ideally you can see the benefit of this portion of the winnings within the next 12-24 months. A goal that you are close to achieving and having this little extra will boost your motivation to keep focused on achieving it.

The final third, the money ‘for later’, is to be directed towards a long-term goal. This is your big, outrageous, stretch goal.

Saving for your dream home, investing the money, funding a business venture. Whatever it may be, ensuring you have squirrelled away the extra third now will pay dividends for you as this goal draws near.

The beauty of the rule of threes is that it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Acting smart and resisting to treat yo self with the whole amount means you can continue to enjoy the fruits of this windfall into the future. Whilst also wearing your new shoes.

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