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Pursue Wealth Director & Financial Adviser


Describe your perfect day off?

I would definitely start my perfect day with an early morning walk to my favourite café in South Melbourne for breaky, then with a takeaway coffee in hand head to the markets to get some fresh fruit, veggies and a bunch of beautiful flowers. I would then go home and make a nice light lunch followed by a bike ride along the beach before some music and reading in the afternoon. All topped off with some drinks with friends in the arvo, listening to live music and watching the sun go down as we share some tapas- PERFECT!


What's your next adventure?

Whether a safari in Africa, cooking spaghetti in Italy, chasing waterfalls throughout Asia or learning to samba in Brazil I am in my absolute element when I get to try something new. For something closer to home I am excited to get to the Kimberley’s to check out the breathtaking adventures right here in Aus.


What dreams have you achieved?

I am a big goal setter. At all times I am working on a handful of big dreams and a scattering of smaller milestone goals to keep myself motivated and accountable. Some of the biggest would have to be creating Pursue Wealth with the love of my life, Josh, and designing it so we get to work with awesome people every day (definitely no accident); being able to travel through parts of Europe, Asia and the US; and next on my list is a large scale renovation on our beautiful Victorian Terrace in South Melbourne to make this our family home. Any tips are welcome!!


Pursue Wealth Director & Financial Adviser


If you had $100 cash in your pocket, what would you do with it?

Firstly, I would like to point out this would be rare as I use EFTPOS for everything, but if I did have 100 big ones I would spend it on going to see the Crows play at the MCG with a few beers and a pie.

What’s your morning routine like?

I am very much a morning person, every morning I get up at 6am and either go for a run or go to the gym, followed by an egg and avocado on toast, ready for the day ahead!

What’s the number one thing on your bucket list you’d like to tick off this year?

Every year I write out New Year’s goals and categorise them based on personal, business, education and family. This year, my main goal is to break a Guinness world record- don’t ask in what, as it sounds ridiculous!

What was your first job?

When I was young I loved a good family trip to Macca’s (didn’t happen often but when it did I was in heaven), this being the case my first job was a CHEF at Macca’s- well it was more like a cook but I was a great cook.


Member Services & Assistant to Directors


The trip you want to take, but haven’t yet?

I would love to go to Paris and take selfies next to the emblematic Eiffel tower, shop the famous fashion brands and explore the French gastronomy.


What latest TV shows have you enjoyed?

Recently I have really liked Emily in Paris, Bridgerton, Virgin River and New girl on Netflix.


Who is your favourite singer?

I’m a huge fan of Taylor Swift. Not only she’s an incredible businesswoman who inspires me but has sung so many hit pop songs.


Which book are you currently reading?

“Barack Obama The Autobiography” – It provides an interesting insight into the journey of the ex-US President against all odds.


Financial Adviser


What is your favourite movie?

That is a hard one, but if I had to pick just one, I would say ‘The Other Guys’. I’m a big Will Ferrell fan and enjoy an easy laugh.


Would you rather ride a bike, ride a horse, or drive a car?

All three. I love bike riding, whether it be road or downhill mountain bike (even though I don’t do it too much). I am also a huge racing car fan, which would explain why I’m tired on a Monday, as I have been up watching F1 (go Daniel Riccardo). Lastly, I grew up on a farm riding horses so I also must put that one down (although I have not ridden for many years and was certainly no John Wayne). 


What books on your shelf are begging to be read?

Quite a lot. I am a big fan of buying books….but unfortunately just not at reading them. So, I have quite an extensive backlog I need to get through. Mainly self/business motivation and biographies. I get a lot of inspiration from other people’s stories.  


What has been your greatest experience so far?

After university, I took a couple of years off to travel the world by myself. It was a fantastic all-round experience from having to plan and save for the trip and then facing different challenges along the way. I met a lot of new people (a lot who I still keep in contact with today) and my parents were working in Mongolia at the time, so I had the chance to travel on the Trans-Siberian Railway across Russia which was an amazing journey.


Mortgage Advice Support


What gets you out of bed in the morning?

My two dogs, Alphonse and Isabel (Literally…they are my alarm clock!). We like to start with a brisk morning walk before we get into anything else, rain hail or shine!


What’s one part of your weekly routine you can’t live without?

I love getting to the gym and try to fit in a workout or a run in 4-5 times a week. It’s a habit I have continued since joining the Army at 18 and I have always enjoyed staying active. 


Where would we find you on a typical weekend?

Anywhere outdoors! You might find me on a hike or down at the beach with my dogs. I also love to cook so enjoy visiting any of the farmers’ markets in my area for inspiration.


If you could visit anywhere in the world you’ve never been, where would you go?

I would love to visit Japan next! I have been a huge fan of the food and culture for as long as I can remember, so it’s definitely the next destination on my bucket list.


Strategic Associate


Where would we find you on the weekend?

Friday night would be spent at the ‘G watching a game of Aussie Rules, hopefully cheering home the mighty Adelaide Crows! Saturday morning you’ll catch me out running with mates or sharing a coffee at any one of South Melbourne’s great cafes. The rest of the weekend will be occupied with family and friends exploring Victoria’s brilliant coastline, mountain ranges, or wine regions.


Top of your bucket list?

I enjoy keeping fit and active and the next item on my bucket list is to get a start and finish the New York marathon. I love the feeling you get when out for a long run, in your groove and it’s almost easier to keep running rather than stop. The “runners high” is real!


What's your favourite cuisine?

Melbourne’s food scene is so vast, and it’s easy to find a great Italian pasta dish all over the city. I appreciate a good ravioli and a glass of red in winter. There isn’t a cuisine that I don’t like to try. Molto bene!


Strategic Analyst 


If you were not a Strategic Analyst, what would have been your job?

Stock Trader! We were taught about different investment products during college and stocks were always my favourite.

What’s your all-time favourite town or city? Why?

El Nido, Palawan in the Phillippines- the beaches are superb!


What do you do for fun?

I love the beach so my favourite things to do are kayaking, helmet diving, fly fishing, paraw sailing, parasailing, snorkelling and surfing. It feels awesome when I get to stand on a board whilst being moved by the waves.

If you were given a change to make a wish come true, what would be your wish and why?

To have unlimited wishes 😀

Okay, lets not talk about wishes, instead, if you had an $1m dollars what would you do with it?

First, I’ll buy my favourite pizza and eat it. Then, I’ll book a trip to Japan with my family (I want to see their high-tech trains particularly the bullet train), I will donate money to those in need and with the remaining funds I will invest in stocks and put some in the bank.


Financial Advice Support


What does happiness mean to me?

Happiness is spending time with my family or with a bunch of my crazy good friends. It could be on a trip to somewhere or just with catch up with a coffee.


If you're on a road trip, what would be on your playlist?

I can listen to The Beatles, Alicia keys, Dua Lipa & Norah Jones all day! 


If you could be great at any sport, what sport would you choose?

Figure skating. I find beauty and thrill in this sport. I just love the grace, poise and precision of their movements and how the glide and spin in the air.


What is the first thing you do in the morning?

Say good morning to my dog. Her name is Princess and she is my happy pill. 


What TV shows do you love to binge-watch?

In my free time I love to watch Suits, Will & Grace, Masterchef, The Little Paris Kitchen by Rachel Khoo and E! News. 



Implementation Guru


Any interesting stuff about yourself?

I’m the consummate ambivert. I’m normally a quiet and a loner-type of person, but I’ve kind of developed this “switch” in my head that if the need arises, I can easily become the loudest guy in the room. I only need to turn that switch on so I can do hosting events or sing to a friend’s wedding (yup, this is my mini-side gig off work). I also consider myself a “late bloomer” since I only learned to ride a bicycle at age 17! And, due to my passion for music, I was able to teach myself how to play the drums. Rock on!


Favourite "Life Moment"?

As a young kid, I have always dreamt of going to the Sydney Opera House. And, WOW. I have never imagined that I would be able to travel to Australia TWICE in a span of 3 years, back in 2017 and 2019. I was so thrilled and overjoyed during these trips that if you take a peek at my phone gallery, you’ll see thousands of selfies of myself (I travelled alone. Loner, right?) posing across all angles of this fan-favourite landmark Down Under. Talk about Achievement Unlocked! Sydney is also where I got my first ink and I’m just so glad that my mother spared my life upon arriving back home in Manila.


Top of your Bucket List?

I have always been fascinated by the Aurora Borealis, or the “Northern Lights.” And I promised myself that one day, I’d be able to travel to just one of those countries where this awesome phenomenon often occurs. Well, coming back to Sydney for a third time is also right up there in the list, far second!


Financial Advice Support


If I could have any superpower, it would be…

Manipulating Wind, Earth, Fire and Water. Being able to control the wind element will also allow me to fly. I wouldn’t have to worry about the traffic and paying for transportation. I can fly over the city at night and enjoy the city lights. I can go to places I wouldn’t normally go. It would be a great way to see the other parts of the world for free! With the Earth element, I can grow trees to save the ozone layer and save the world. Fire to prevent bush fires that affect not only the people but also the animals and the environment. Water element manipulation will also be great for someone, like me, who doesn’t know how to swim. And so many other things you can’t imagine you can do if you play with all those elements…


I know it's crazy, but I love to watch and listen to...

Emotional TV Commercials and Korean Love Songs. I can be easily moved to tears even by a laundry detergent AD especially if the AD has something to do with family or pets. I can be teary-eyed while listening to Korean love songs even if I don’t know the meaning of the song. It might sound weird but it makes me feel more alive. I believe that feeling things, both good and bad, makes us more alive and creative.


Before I started my career as an Administrative Officer, would you believe I was a...

Registered Nurse. I volunteered in some hospitals around Metro Manila and nearby provinces. I hate it when I am assigned to the Operation Room because I can’t stand the smell of blood. I love it when I am assigned to the Delivery Room because witnessing the birth of a baby is one of life’s most wondrous and amazing moments.


Innovation and Marketing Manager


Describe one life-defining moment

The third time I went overseas without my family changed my life. I travelled with a group of 29 other students and we all stayed in a hostel together for 3 weeks in Singapore to learn new skills, solve business cases, and have fun. It was a really challenging experience from both a learning aspect (first and last time pulling an all-nighter) and social aspect (living with 29 strangers/new friends).


What's your favourite money goal at the moment?

I have just begun saving for a 3-week trip to the US next year. It has been on the top of my travel destinations list for a long time but I could never commit to the huge expense or 14+-hour flight! Call me basic, but I am most looking forward to seeing San Francisco and New York!


What is a fear you have conquered, and a fear you want to conquer?

I used to be terrified of driving and procrastinated learning for a long time but my dad was a really patient teacher (who also taught my mum!) and four years later… I am a pretty solid driver if I do say so myself. In the future, I would like to conquer my fear of failure! My two favourite quotes are: “If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no” and “If you don’t try, you’ll never know!”


Mortgage Advice Support


What’s one thing you can’t live without?

This is a hard one but I would probably say it’s my heart pendant necklace. I have a habit of touching it when I’m thinking, talking, or when I’m not doing anything! Without it – I would feel very incomplete!


What do you like to do in your free time?

An ideal day for me is to stay at home, curled up in my cosy couch, and watch Netflix. I love to watch sci-fi and fictional stories, but it could be anything, from Disney to Hell’s Kitchen series. When not watching, I like to eat out and travel to places to try their food. I love eating more than anything!


What do you hate the most?

I am not a fan of horror movies. At all. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against those who love horror shows. I tried conquering it once, and it kept me up all night for a week – never doing that again! I also have Thalassophobia, so not a big fan of swimming on beaches either. (I love beaches though! Well, minus the swimming part)


What’s the 1st country you have visited?

Australia. I was in Sydney for 3 months and I immediately fell in love. At that very moment, I knew it wouldn’t be the last.


What does everyone say about you?

She never stops working.

Friends and colleagues would tell me this almost every day! I take my job seriously and really like to excel in what I do. I’m the kind that likes being busy and loses track of time when in the zone working. I’m also a very curious cat – eager to learn and know everything!



Women in Finance Awards – Director of the Year (Winner) – Sam Robinson

Women in Finance Awards – Thought Leader of the Year (Finalist) – Sam Robinson

Worldwide Finance Awards – Mortgage Broker of the Year (Winner) – Pursue Property

FSPower50 – The Most Influential Financial Adviser in Australia (Finalist) – Sam Robinson

FSPower50 – The Most Influential Financial Adviser in Australia (Finalist) – Josh Wingrove


Telstra Women in Business Emerging Leader (Finalist) – Sam Robinson

Australian Small Business Champions Award Business Growth (Finalist) – Pursue Wealth

Australian Small Business Champions Award Financial Services (Finalist) – Pursue Wealth

APAC Australian Enterprise Awards Leading Specialists in Investment & Portfolio Planning – Victoria (Winner) – Pursue Property


Young Leaders in Finance Awards- Thought leader of the Year (Winner)- Sam Robinson

Young Leaders in Finance Awards- Principal of the Year (Winner)- Sam Robinson


Australian Small Business Champions Award (Finalist) – Pursue Wealth

AIM Leader Manager Award (Nominee)- Josh Wingrove

Consultum Rising Star (Finalist) – Josh Wingrove

FSPower50- The Most Influential Financial Adviser in Australia (Top 50 in Australia)- Sam Robinson


Consultum Rising Star (Winner) – Sam Robinson

AIM Leadership Excellence (Finalist) – Sam Robinson


Money Management Young Achiever of the Year (Finalist) – Sam Robinson


AFA Rising Star (Finalist) – Sam Robinson

Money Management Rising Star (Finalist) – Sam Robinson

AFA Rising Star (Finalist) – Josh Wingrove


AMP Adviser of the year (Winner) – Sam Robinson

AFA Female Excellence in Advice (Nominee) – Sam Robinson

AFA Rising Star (Finalist) – Josh Wingrove


AFA Female Excellence in Advice (Nominee) – Sam Robinson


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