Celebrating the wins

When you were 5 it was riding a bike without training wheels.

When you were 7 it was learning your 12 times tables.

When you were 17 it was successfully getting your license (and hopefully starting to grow out of the awkward teenage phase… am I right?!).

Whatever wins you’ve had in your lifetime, that rush of energy when you achieve something that you have put your mind to is like no other. But for some reason, we seem to stop celebrating the small wins the older we get!

At Pursue Wealth we think this is sh*t and that all things great and small should be celebrated! Whether it is finishing that book that has been stashed under your bed, hitting the gym like you said you would, or heck, even booking in a meeting to see a Financial Adviser, we think these are all causes to celebrate!

The benefit of celebrating isn’t always because you have achieved something huge, you are celebrating because you are one step closer to who you are becoming!

Plus, who doesn’t love to celebrate by throwing themselves a private dance party in the lounge room?

Those great, life changing achievements that you may be waiting to celebrate are actually a result of all those small, daily actions which are all heading in the right direction.

At this time of year, I always find myself revisiting the past year over a glass of wine and just giving myself a little pat on the back / dance party around the house with Queen B. As if to say, “You know what, you did alright!”

But I find only reviewing once a year is a long time between check-ups. It is more helpful to check in more regularly. Why not use a habit tracker app like Coach.me to check-in on your daily habits to keep you accountable, or even conducting your own weekly review to reflect on and celebrate your progress!

First step is figuring out who you want to be, and then we are here to help you identify your goals and be with you all the way celebrating your wins…because your wins are our wins!

I would love to know the last time you treated yourself and celebrated the small stuff?

What did you celebrate, and how?

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