If we all made the right financial decisions in life than we would all be rich. What if I told you that you can get more wins on the board with your very own, Personal Chief Financial Officer (CFO) aka holistic Financial Adviser.

So, what is a Personal CFO?

Well if a Personal Trainer can get the most out of your body, helping you achieve your optimal vision for your health and make healthy decisions then a Personal CFO would mean they are someone who can get the most out of your finances, helping you achieve your optimal vision for your life and make financially smart decisions.

Why try run the race by yourself when you are probably time poor with other commitments like family, climbing career ladders, travelling and more or less enjoying life and not wanting to be consumed with where to start, spreadsheets and comparison software of investment portfolios…. yuck!

Working with a Personal CFO will provide financially optimal solutions and actively hold you accountable while pushing you to get the best out of your situation. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

Enough with the fluffy stuff, what can they actually help you with;

  • Goal planning
  • Cashflow projections and accountability
  • Assistance with optimal ownership structures
  • Investment research and recommendations
  • Superannuation research and recommendations
  • Family or Personal Protection less affectionately known as personal insurances
  • Estate Planning guidance in conjunction with your solicitor
  • Education around your finances
  • Accountability buddy
  • Pro-active foresight considering all aspects of your money
  • On-call financial coaching to bounce ideas off
  • Research Queens (or Kings)
  • Conduit between all financial professionals in your life. Including accountant, property advocates, general insurance brokers, estate planning solicitors, conveyancers, health insurance providers etc.

Most importantly, when considering working with a Personal CFO you should be looking for someone who will empower you to create the fun and fulfilling life you are working so hard for. You want to ensure they listen to your dreams and understand what is truly important to you.

The relationship between a Personal CFO and you is a special one! Trust your gut and take your time to find someone that fits just right. You will never look back because your future self will thank you!

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