How many people go to the gym thinking “I’m going to smash this workout so I can live healthily to age 70”.

Anyone? Not me.

A quick glance inside my head and you’re more likely to see “I’m going for a run to get fit for summer” or “sign me up to F45 so my guns look awesome in my new dress”.

Sure, there are some benefits that I’ll reap later in life from exercising regularly now. We all know about the importance of that stuff. It’s just not the main reason why I choose to exercise.

I would happily bet a dollar that most people reading this also fall into the short-term motivators group (hello guns for summer).

You see a lot of material about ‘saving for the future’ and ‘securing your retirement’, but you don’t see a lot of action amongst us millennials. Perhaps this is because we simply aren’t motivated by long-term boring-sounding goals. I mean, come on, where is the instant gratification in that?!

Your approach to finances and savings can learn a lot from the fitness world – and it starts with motivation. Having short term goals that also develop longer-term benefits is the perfect place for a 20- or 30-something to start.

Picture this; you want to travel North America for four weeks, a trip you have been dreaming about for years. You work on a spending/savings plan to get you there in 12 months. You book your ticket and enjoy all the food, drinks, shopping & adventures. Then you come home and realise that whilst you were ticking that box, you learnt some pretty good money saving habits. Habits that start you towards an investment property deposit or a share portfolio. Then paying down your mortgage and secure retirement. Just kidding – there’s way more fun stuff before that!

You see my point, right?

You don’t need to have a ‘long term financially secure’ goal to benefit from financial advice. Just like you don’t need to want to live past age 70 to benefit from going to the gym (although we hope you do want to live past aged 70).

You simply need to want to achieve something that costs money and have an open mind on the best way to get there.

Whether it be travelling to Mexico, buying a fur-baby, owning a Porsche or starting your own business – we can help you strategise some ways to achieve that dream.

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