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At the start of every year, people flood to get their gym memberships to ensure they tick off the long-lost goal of losing the Christmas weight and looking good. As the year progresses and you reflect on how far you have come, you realise you have used your membership… ONCE. It is too easy to wake up each morning with every excuse why not to go ‘It’s too cold’, ‘I’m busy’, ‘I‘m sick’ or ‘I don’t have anyone to go with’ and then convince yourself ‘I’ll start tomorrow’.


When ‘tomorrow’ finally comes I feel amazing, but the struggle is real!

We all know that having a gym membership and not using it is a complete waste of money. But sometimes it makes us feel better knowing we could (but probably won’t) go to the gym. You need to make a choice, keep the membership and use it or bin it and try something else.


Does throwing money at an issue make it go away??

At Pursue Wealth we have seen members paying anywhere from $10 a week for a gym membership to $200 a week for personal trainers. When you add this up it could be costing you a whopping $10,000 a year… not to mention buying all your new Nike gear!!!


We are ALL for keeping active so, what are your options if you are paying for something you DON’T use;
  • Ensure you are going to the classes and maximising your membership- pretty straight forward but get off your butt and use them! You can try a cheap 24-hour fitness centre, but you need to be self-motivated! Try locking in the times in your diary and get an accountability buddy, you are 3 x more likely to achieve your goals if you have someone holding you accountable
  • Spice up your routine by adding some variety. Why not try something new like a pilates class or another fad like Bikram yoga, these are great alternatives for those who want a break from lifting and can really work out the whole body
  • Try a fun run and get some buddies together to train for this. Not only are you getting a work out (and are held accountable) but you can also raise some money for one of your passion projects, 2 birds one stone.
  • Don’t be afraid to shop around for some free introductory classes. Try websites like
  • Grab a friend and walk the Tan. Gossip, fresh air and not a bad view either… the flowers obviously 😛
  • Don’t like getting hot and sweaty in a group? There are plenty of apps that you can download to do a quick sweat sesh at home. Our favs are or
  • Feeling rebellious, do like ‘Bridesmaids’ do and hide behind a tree and stalk another PTs workout
  • Sometimes we just need a rest and to hit the RESET button. We get this! So, put your membership on hold for a month. Let the guilt go, put a plan in place, get an accountability buddy, and get ready to smash it out starting next month!! You got this 😊



Remember it is important to be healthy, eat the right foods and exercise. Not only do you look and feel great, but it can also help keep your mental health in check.

Here at Pursue Wealth, we are all about self-love. It’s not about the number on the scales, it’s all about how you feel and trust us, you are damn fine– don’t forget to tell yourself that when you’re looking in the mirror!

P.S. We are constantly looking for new ways to be energetic and motivated so if you need some hot tips or a buddy to go on a walk feel free to give us a buzz!

Cheers, Stace

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