In one of my fave Netflix series, Shooter, the main character often talks about “covering his six” which is military speak for watching your behind/having someone’s back.

In lieu of knowing awesome jujitsu moves how can you, as a regular 20- or 30-something, cover your six?

You could learn McGregor-style MMA or ensure you have personal insurance in place. Both equally physical and challenging…just kidding, insurance is WAY more exciting.

So now I have your attention, lets talk the what and the when.

What insurance should I consider as a 20- or 30-something?

There are four types of personal insurance you should consider to cover your six. These are income protection, trauma, life cover and total and permanent disability. These insurances should be considered in a package, rather than singularly as often times all four are relevant to hold. To find out more about the differences in the insurances see here.

When should I consider getting insurance?

From recent discussions with friends, the common theme I come across is people not recognising when they should hold personal insurance. The following is a list of scenarios where you should definitely get insurance in place! It’s not exhaustive, but it is a start.

• You are considering purchasing a home or investment property
• You’ve finished studying and have a full time job
• You want to start a family soon
• Experience a health event, to yourself, a friend or family member
• You have moved out of home and support yourself
• A wedding is on the horizon!
• You have other family members that rely on you for financial support
• Having a near-miss or health wake up call
• You have a family history of illness i.e. cancer or heart conditions
• You are considering a change in occupation
• Starting your own business
• Receiving a promotion or pay rise
• Moving away from family (i.e. living interstate)
• Being a daredevil; enjoying extreme sports on the regular

Have you been through any of the above?

It’s easy to think as a 20- or 30-something that you’re pretty invincible. I can tell you though, hand on heart, it’s nice to know someone has you covered when sh*t really hits the fan. In those instances you want to rest easy, spend time with loved ones, watch all of the Netflix and keep tracking forward with your goals.

Cat Jansen is a Netflix enthusiast and Strategic Adviser. You can contact her here about covering your six or for her latest Netflix series recommendations.

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