Roses are red, violets are blue, you can be my Valentine as long as you foot the bill. Right?

Uhhhh we’re not sure if that will have your special someone looking at you with love heart eyes tomorrow.

Whether you get amongst the notion of Valentines Day or not, spoiling your loved one (or yourself!) at any time of the year can be a hefty cost. We’re all for that every now and again.

However, if like us, you’re just getting back into the financial swing of things and #budgetlyf after silly season, look no further than our list of romantic dollar dazzlers*

These are sure to put Cupid out of business in no time.

  • Crash someone else’s Valentines event – text all your friends tonight to see what they have planned tomorrow and subtly, or not so subtly, invite yourself & your partner along.
  • Group Valentines date – ladies, gents, anyone with no plans tomorrow and needing some stat? Pool your pennies with your closest pals to have one loved up group date, preferably at the pub at happy hour.
  • The classic I-O-U card – you know those cards you make that say “I owe you 10 x foot massages” or whatever you fancy? Get some paper, pens and design a freebie card with your partners least favourite house chores. That’s an IOU that even the Valentines sceptics will appreciate.
  • Whilst you’ve got the pens and paper out, make your own Valentines card! Nothing says I love you like a genuine love letter.
  • Discount movies – if you’re with Telstra or Optus check what discount movie tickets you can get and shout your beau. Just beware that they may pick the new Fifty Shades of Grey (guys, you have been warned)
  • Flowers – no dazzling dollar will nab you a bouquet at the florist. But it might be suitable penance if you leave it in your neighbour’s letterbox when you pick some flowers from their garden.
  • Cook dinner or have a picnic – so this costs more than a dollar but you need you eat anyway right? Why not make your specialty and then serve it up on a cute picnic rug in the backyard. Double points for wine & chocolates.
  • Run them a bath, light some candles & have music playing when they arrive home. This doesn’t even cost a dollar and I guarantee your Valentine will be suitably swooned!
  • Set up the couch with blankets, pillows, your drink of choice & takeaways with the Netflix pre-loaded on your current show. Dream night in.
  • If you’re an early riser, you can never go wrong with a cooked breakfast to get yourself mega love points. Extra kudos if it’s served in bed!

Showing yourself or someone special appreciation is the best – whether it be on Valentines day or not. It certainly doesn’t need to break the bank.

Here at PW HQ our choice of Valentines nights are; Japanese followed by Jazz, dinner at home then a free movie in the local park and dinner with friends.

So, what will you be up to?

*we can’t promise that all dazzling ideas cost just one dollar.

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