20 Hacks to save you money on your food budget

1st February 2019


There are two types of people in the world, people that organise their life around eating and people
that eat because it’s a necessity. Personally, I love eating! Either way, food is a required so let’s look
at ways to we can look at reducing out spending from the average of $163 per week or $8,476 pa
(According to Sydney Morning Herald)*.

1. Set a budget for your weekly shopping (sounds basic but a lot of people don’t)
2. Make dinner and lunch daily- time to get organised
3. Eat before you go shopping- shopping on an empty stomach makes you buy buy buy!
4. Have dinner dates at home not out at restaurants- each bring a plate of tucker as everyone
can cook (some better than others)
5. Plan, plan, plan- sit down on a Sunday and plan out your weekly meals and stick to your
shopping list
6. Cook in bulk (and freeze food)
7. Try not to take your kids with you when you go shopping as this will allow you to have more
time to compare prices and you won’t fall into the trap of buying them goodies
8. Order groceries online (they often give you additional meat due to packaged amount not
being exactly what you ordered- win!)
9. Start a vegie patch and keep it alive
10. Buy meat on special and freeze it- chicken works a treat!
11. Buy generic branded products (not recommending home brands for tooth paste or coffee
12. Get to know the difference between “Used by” and “Best before” dates- best before means
it can still be eatable by used by is in the no- go zone
13. Look at the shelves up high and down low for products as the grocery store are smart and
place expensive highly advertised products at eye level
14. Shop at your local markets for fruit/ Veg and meat as this can be cheaper and as a hot tip
going just before they close up in the afternoon for the specials
15. Read your junk mail for specials (yawn) but you can grab the bargins!
16. Try delivery services like; Hellofresh & Marley spoon as they can be large means and split
into multiple dinners or lunches (and you can get great offers like $50 off or 1 week free to
give it a try)
17. Use supermarket rewards programs as it is possible to get money off you shop but they will
know your shopping history
18. Have at least 1 vegetarian meal a week, as meat is where the $$ are at
19. Shop for seasonal fruit and veg as they will be cheaper
20. Get a job that provides you food then you will be sorted

Saving money on your food is easier said then done, but if you can implement 5-10 of the above
consistently then you will see a reduction in your spending! Good luck!

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