Our Members

Are you a potential Pursue Wealth member?

Are you a potential Pursue Wealth member?

Our members are dynamic achievers with their eye on the future who understand that success doesn’t happen by accident. They may lead different lives, and have their own definition of success, but they all share one key quality: the motivation to turn their dreams into a reality.

The Professional

You’re not alone! Building a successful career takes time and dedication and we know you’d rather spend your precious spare time catching up with friends or family, instead of crunching numbers.

With an expert to manage your finances, you’ll have more time to enjoy what is important in your life. We give you the keys to building wealth and achieving your dreams through tailored, strategic goals-based advice with the right amount of accountability to keep you on track.

The Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, we know you’re as motivated as we are – and we love that! Entrepreneurs are notorious for taking risks and investing all of their waking (and sleeping) hours to create the businesses of their dreams. But if all of your time is being consumed by your business, it can be hard to find the time to devote to your personal finances and achieving those personal goals we know you’ve already written down!

We’ll spend the time ensuring your finances are working hard for you.

The Young Family

Having a family is one of the most rewarding, challenging, joyful and stressful times in your life. Running around caring for your family, feeding them, washing clothes, grocery shopping, vacuuming, reading Dr Seuss’ ‘Oh the places you’ll go’ more times than you can count (and maybe trying to squeeze in a social life too!) doesn’t leave much time for looking after your finances.

We help take care of your finances to ensure you have a strategy in place to achieve the dreams for yourselves and your family.

The Motivated Individual

You may not necessarily fit into one of the above categories, but you share the same motivation to pursue wealth and achieve your dreams. We would love to welcome you as a Pursue Wealth member.

With motivation and great financial advice, we believe anyone can achieve their dreams. Including you! Talk to us to find out how.